Hey there! 
I'm Berenice, and here is a little sum-up of who I am as a professional:  I've built my career around capturing and editing awesome creative imagery for marketing and social media. I've got a knack for turning anything into an interesting story to convey a specific message.

When it comes to equipment, I've got experience with a range of professional Sony cameras like the FS7, Z280, A7C, and A7RIII, (+ recently the Canon XF605) along with all the lighting and sound gear needed to create professionally.  I've also got a light weighted DJI mini drone for those aerial shots in non-restricted areas!  
 which brings creations to new heights...literally! 🚁

But it doesn't stop there. I've got serious editing skills in Premiere Pro/Photoshop and know my way around After Effects. 
I'm a pro at planning and mapping out video content, crafting strategic approaches to storytelling, and delivering engaging visual narratives to make things run smoothly for both the clients and the creative/project management  team.
 Creating captivating content is my passion, and I always aim to exceed expectations in every project I take on.
And hey, I've got some extra skills up my sleeve! With a background in professional photography and a keen eye for lighting techniques, composition, and editing. I can create some seriously high-quality editorial photography combined with good graphic design skills.
I also stay up to date with the latest trends, algorithms, and best practices on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

I'm a team player too! I'll work closely with cross-functional teams like marketing, design, and operations and I'm always happy to fill any gap when needed. 
So, as your in-house content creator, I'll handle everything from pre-prod, filming and editing to posting top-notch  (behind the scene) social content for your fast-growing business. 
Let's generate some serious reputation and take your brand to the next level!
Hope to speak to you soon.

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