thanks for taking the time to review my portfolio. 
Below are the skills I've developed throughout my career. I understand life is always busy, so I've kept it brief.
Content Management Whiz: I'm your go-to for managing content and digital assets, making sure everything's organised and accessible.
Master Planner: From brainstorming to storyboarding, I've got the skills to plan engaging content that tells your brand's story.
Channel Champ: I know my way around different communication channels and how to craft content that grabs attention and drives engagement.
Legal Eagle: I'll handle contracting and licensing like a pro, making sure we're compliant and protected.
Video Producer & Creator: I specialise in crafting impactful narratives showcasing dynamic visuals, collaborative efforts, within trends. Each story is designed to be inspirational to connect with  your audiences  It's all about creating an impact and building trust within your brand.
Creative Flair:
 I work closely with any team to curate top-quality content that aligns with your brand guideline 
Technical Skills:
Proficient in both photography and videography, covering lighting, sound, creative direction, and effective time and team management. I can handle photo/video shoots solo and edit using Adobe Suite within a week.Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro, with fundamentals in After Effects and Illustrator
Design Dynamo: 
With an eye for design, I'll elevate your collateral visuals, whether it's brochures, web posts, or any other material, to the next level while adhering to your brand guidelines.
Collaboration & Fun:
I love working with diverse teams and filling in wherever needed to make magic happens.
As your content creator extraordinaire, I'm here to make your brand shine and your audience engage. Let's create something awesome together!
Looking forward to connecting!

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